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SKINVENTUREZ is a children’s graphic novel series written by a New York-based Yale-trained dermatologist and mom, Dr. Tamara Lazic Strugar. Follow the exciting adventures of our heroes while learning valuable lessons about THE LARGEST ORGAN OF OUR BODY- THE SKIN along the way!


The Sunscreaming Summer

The first book of the series, “The Sunscreaming Summer”, is dedicated to skin cancer prevention by educating kids through a fun graphic novel about sun protection.

Expected book release date August 2023


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire a generation of individuals who prioritize their skin health and feel confident in their own skin. Through engaging storytelling and relatable characters, we hope to partner with parents, caregivers and educators in promoting:


Our Story

Hi, Dr. Lazic here! I am so excited to introduce you to SKINVENTUREZ, a children’s graphic novel series about the skin, based in New York City.

As a dermatologist and a mom of two, my mission is to create stories that are both educational and fun for kids. Our talented illustrator Lea Embeli and I strive to provide our readers with an immersive experience that takes them on a journey of discovery with our characters.

The series focuses on the adventures of two siblings, Mia and Luka, their Dad, dog Tito and friends, as they uncover fascinating facts about various skin conditions with the help of an expert, Dr. Lazic (who also happens to be the author…ahem!).

Each story is filled with exciting visuals and fun dialogues that will engage children, teach them important lessons and inspire them to take care of their skin from an early age. And parents, we hope to take some load off you by educating your little ones about skin health!


The Creative Process

How it all began

It was summer of 2022, about 6 months after Dr. Lazic’s cancer diagnosis…while on medical leave from a busy dermatology practice, she had more time to spend writing children’s books, which she had always dreamed of writing. What began as a summer family project, turned into an exciting creative journey, and a year later, the first book was published!

Character Development

Main characters are inspired by real-life people. Dr. Lazic (the book author) is Mia's and Luka's mom and a dermatologist in real life. Dad is dad 😉.

Story Building: Dr. Tamara Lazic Strugar (+ Mia & Luka)

Dr. Lazic's dermatologic expertise, combined with Mia's and Luka's understanding of what kids their age like to read (and their insistance that it be done in a graphic novel style) gave birth to Skinventurez! And even though in real life dad is actually the most talented writer in the family, we let him focus on his job as a neurosurgeon 🧠 while we created the stories.

Art Direction: Lea Embeli

Our super-talented illustrator Lea Embeli is a graduate of the Faculty of Appplied Arts in Belgrade, with a Masters Degree in Applied Painting. She is currently living in Japan and studying oil painting. In her free time she works as an illustrator of children's books, card games and concept art for animation.

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About the Author

Dr. Lazic is a Yale-trained leading dermatologist in New York City. She is an Associate Clinical Professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, where she teaches and mentors dermatology residents and medical students, earning her numerous teaching awards.

She extended her passion for education to teaching children about skin health through graphic novels books.

She is also a mother of two, Mia (9) and Luka (11), who inspired the main characters in this book series…

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